Day 31

Wednesday, 16th January

 Today was cooler and overcast.  We finished packing and the airport shuttle bus picked us up at 9:40.  We collected another group of passengers, who kept us waiting 10 min while they went to get their bags from their room, and dropped them off at Long Beach Airport on the way.  This was an old 60s-style domestic airport.  We arrived at LAX at 10:40 and checked in quickly.  Had early lunch at McDonalds, bought a few souvenirs and entertained ourselves by watching a display where balls moved through a mechanical maze.  Our 1:50 flight was delayed until 2:30 and was longer than scheduled.  This meant we had no wait between planes in Taipei, in fact the plane had already boarded.  We spent 30 min on the Tarmac due to a mechanical fault in the cabin.  The second leg of the flight was also longer than on the way over.  We arrived in Brisbane flying over the western suburbs and had a good view, landing 45 min late at 9:10 am.



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