Day 28



Sunday, 13th January

Left at 9 am and arrived at Disneyland at 9:30.  By the time we lined up for the car park, the people mover to the gate, the ticket booth and the entrance, it was 10:30 when we entered.  It was a warm, sunny day and there was a crowd.


We had to queue up to an hour for rides, mostly 20 – 30 minutes.


We were able to see/do around half of the park rides and to watch the parade at 6 pm.  The rides all were quite long 5 – 15 min and told a story along the way with Disney/movie/book characters and lots of detail.  The park has several themed areas – some of which we didn’t even enter today.



We drove a couple of blocks to our motel and checked in at 7:30, before getting a few groceries.  The motel room has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom, but it is very old and there is nothing at all in the kitchen cupboards and drawers and no tea/coffee.  The fridge is full size and old and was leaking water all over the floor as it was switched off.

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