Day 24


Wednesday, 9th January

Up at 8 am.  Left for Sea World at 9:30.


We saw a dolphin show, a sea lion/otter show and a killer whale show.  In each show the animals at one point splashed water into the audience and the first dozen rows were totally soaked.  We also saw penguins, sharks, rays, polar bears etc.  Michael and Matthew went on a roller coaster.  We all went on a helicopter simulator ride (awful).  Chris and I went to a pet show which was VERY funny.





We ended the day by going on a rapids ride where I got a little bit wet and the others got fairly wet.  Then the boys went on it 5 more times.  When they came to meet us they were completely drenched with shoes full of water and by then it was about 13 degrees C.  We had dinner then Michael and I went shopping.  We dried the wet things in the drier and I packed everything up while we watched Superman.

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