Day 23



Tuesday, 8th January

Up at 7 am.  Left at 8:15 for San Diego Wild Animal Park.  We bought Southern California City Passes which also cover Universal Studios, SeaWorld and 3 days at Disney Land/ California Adventure.  The park had a lot of unusual birds, South American animals and a huge African animal area which we toured on a 25 min road train.




By 2 pm we had finally seen most of it, having begun at 9 am.







Michael, Matthew and I then did a 45 min walk through the garden area, most of which was a huge range of cacti.  This made up for the lack of cacti in the deserts we had driven through.  There were also about 10 condors circling overhead.




We then went back to watch the gorillas again who were being more interactive than in the morning.

During this time Chris went back on the safari train, played the boats on the pond and had a machine foot massage.  He likes to go off by himself.


We got back at 4:30 and watched a couple of movies before the TV got stuck on the sports channel and we were unable to change it.

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