Day 20

Friday, 4th January

 Up at 9 am.  Walked a couple of blocks to ‘The World’s Biggest Souvenir Shop’ but it was mostly tacky stuff.  Walked back a different way along a street that resembled a rubbish dump with several dead birds and lots of other rubbish, also a homeless person’s shelter.  Had morning tea then played minigolf in the hotel’s adventure dome.  Saw 3 more circus acts – a clown, 4 trapeze artists and an excellent contortionist.  The temperature was quite mild in the morning but cooled down as storm clouds came in the afternoon.

 After late lunch Matthew bought some things in the hotel’s magic shop.  At 4:30 we drove back to Freemont St to meet Michael’s Uncle Warner and Aunt Gerri at a seafood buffet for dinner.  There was a huge range of seafood (hot and cold) for $16 per head.  After dinner we drove back to The Strip to see the 8:30 Pirate Show we had missed last night.  There was light drizzle and a slight breeze and because of the ‘bad weather’ they cancelled the show!  We packed up ready to leave tomorrow.


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