Day 9


Monday, 24th December

Up at 8 am.  Left at 9 am for the Leland High Sierra Snow Park which was an hour away in Strawberry (town) on the way to the Sonora Pass which is closed all winter due to snow.  Snow began to appear on the side of the road and on the rooves at about 4500 feet (after 30 min).  The snow park was at about 5500 feet.  There was clear blue sky and it was not as cold as it could have been.

After an hour of riding tyre tubes down the slopes and climbing back up, we actually took off a few layers.  There was a short slope (for Chris and I) and a long, steep slope.  It took a while before Chris would go down the slope but after a few goes he was happy.  I had no intention of going on the longer one but eventually I was persuaded by Matthew.  It was very steep and fast but I survived.  Later Matthew managed to get Chris up the top of the big slope but he chickened out and walked back down.  Matthew was so disappointed that I went back up again (and down) to make him feel better.

We then spent half an hour making a snowman and discovered that when you walk in fresh snow you sink down to your knees.  Chris’s boot came off and we had to dig for it.  The boys went back on the slopes for another half hour.  When it was time to go I eventually found Matthew at the top of the slope talking to the supervisors.  I had to walk all the way up to get him and then all the way down.  Chris told us he had gone down the big slope and no one had seen him.  We were at the park from 11am – 2:15 pm.  The trip home was about 45 min as the road was drier and we could go faster.  We had a late lunch/dinner at 4:15 and then went to see the movie National Treasure.


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