Day 4


Wednesday 19th December

Our alarm woke us at 7 a.m. It was barely light despite clear skies.  We drove in to San Francisco, arriving at  9 a.m. ($30 for parking).  We walked around Pier 39 and saw the sea lions (and heard, and smelled).  The day was cool and mostly sunny.



We walked along the wharf front and shops and got the cable car to the end of the line (morning tea) and back to Lombard St (the zig zag street) which we photographed from all directions and then walked down.



Lunch at Pier 39 (clam chowders in sour dough bowls x 3 – Chris had French fries).







Went to ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ ($56) where the best thing was watching Chris get freaked out.

 We drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and spent 30 minutes in the Golden Gate Park.  We happened to walk in at the Australian section which turned out to be full of squirrels so we watched them and photographed them and didn’t go any further, as by then (4.30 p.m.) it was getting dark and cold.
We again went in search of a 240 – 120v converter so we could use our battery charger, jug and hair dryer.  We found one ($45) but it was only suitable for 40 watts.  We then discovered it was cheaper to buy a new battery charger with batteries ($10) and a jug ($8) – no hair dryer though.  We also bought a mini digital camera for Chris which holds up to 240 photos and included a USB cable for $10.  He had already used half of his disposable camera and was enjoying taking photos.
Automatic Toilet with very important instructions – worth the read

Had noodle bowls for dinner which turned out to be very spicy.  $5 bridge toll, $22 jacket, $48 cable car (no child or family discount)

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