Day 2



Monday 17 December 2007





Somehow we all managed to sleep in until 8.40.  We had a buffet breakfast ($50) and then went on the shuttle bus at 10.30 back to the airport, then on the Thrifty shuttle bus to collect our car, leaving LA at 11.15.  The airport has shuttle buses for hotels, to hire car depots and to the airport car parks as it is so big.  The freeway was busy and we were surprised at how dry and barren the hills were.  We headed north with a short detour through Santa Barbara where we bought some lunch at a supermarket that turned out to be gourmet, organic and incredibly expensive.

We drove on hwy 101 then 1 to San Simeon where we checked in to a Motel 6 ($50 – no breakfast, tea or coffee).  We drove 2 km to Hearst Castle and bought tickets for tomorrow ($60) and looked through the museum and watched the movie of the history of the building of the castle.  Dinner at a Mexican restaurant ($50).  The boys got a 6 piece cube puzzle from Hearst Castle.  After an hour, Chris still hadn’t done his.

Matthew learned the hard way that the shower curtain goes inside the bath tub.  Chris has been a bit scared of the sensor taps and toilets that flush when you step away from them.


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