The Missing Luggage Saga

Sun 8 Jan  Although I had booked an 11am flight so we could sleep in, we were all awake at 4:30 – when the sun rose!  Enjoyed having an ‘ordinary’ breakfast of cereal and toast.  Walked to the airport – less than 1 km and caught our flight home.  The airport shuttle bus driver that took us to where our car was stored commented that we were travelling lightly.  It has been strange to have only carryon bags on the last 3 flights!  Collected our car and arrived home at 1pm.  Phoned Sydney baggage handlers about our luggage but nothing had arrived on the morning flight.

Mon 9 Jan  Had a phone call in the morning to say that one bag was in Sydney and later, another phone call to say a second bag had arrived. I was asked to list some contents of Matthew’s bag, as the original tags had been removed and replaced with new ones, so our bags could not be identified by their tags – not a very comforting thought.  I couldn’t seem to think of any identifying items in Matthew’s bag (only later I remembered the Union Jack jester hat).  Eventually I was asked if there were pyjamas in the bag.  I said they were blue with owls on them and that was the proof that the suitcase was Matthew’s.

Tues 10 Jan  No further news on our luggage.  Had to buy 2 new phone chargers as our chargers are in our luggage.

Wed 11 Jan  I emailed a more detailed description of the luggage along with 2 photos to Sydney as well as to China Southern Airlines.  Got a phone call to say that 2 more bags had arrived in Sydney and the last had been located still in China.  Received our first two bags by courier. Found out that none of our bags had been loaded on our original flight out of Paris, despite the plane being delayed by 24 hours – plenty of time to load them you would think!

Thurs 12 Jan  Notified that the final bag had arrived in Sydney.  Received 2 more – one which had been brand new, had 2 tears and was scratched and scuffed all over.

Fri 13 Jan  The final bag arrived – 7 days late.  With such a long delay and being told the tags (for which I had receipts) had been removed, I had been pretty much convinced that we might never see some of our things again.



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