Day 33

Wed 4 Jan  We packed up at a leisurely pace, got a taxi and had an hour wait at the airport until check in.  Once again, airport food was a choice of expensive restaurant or over priced sandwiches.  Where is the McDonalds?  We have now learned to travel with a good supply of snacks.  Our plane left at 3pm after we watched the staff inspect and photograph the wing and eventually ‘fix’ something with what seemed to be a screw driver!


Arrived at Orly airport, Paris and went by taxi to our hotel near Charles de Gaulle airport.  This was my only mistake in the whole holiday planning.  We arrived at one airport and would be leaving the next day from the other, which was on the opposite side of the city.  This was a long taxi trip due to slow traffic.  The driver did go as fast as possible, with plenty of weaving between lanes and he talked on his phone most of the way.  He was probably making the most of having passengers who couldn’t understand him!  The only word we understood was KFC.  Had a nice buffet dinner at the restaurant of the hotel next door, which had a few more stars than ours.

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