Day 28


Fri 30 Dec  Michael and I went to the British Library next to the station to see the Illuminations Exhibition.  This was a collection of beautiful, hand-written books with illuminated illustrations.  Most were from the 12th – 14th century and had been owned by Royalty, mainly Edward 1V and Henry V111.  Most were really big.  There were Bibles, other religious books (prayer books, music books), atlases, poetry and a few others.  Some had notes by the owners and family trees.  There were about 100, with an audio commentary – very impressive.

Then we all went to the Museum of London, which we all enjoyed.  There were a lot of archaeological finds along with audio visual stories through history.  As usual, the only food to be had was expensive sandwiches, so we decided to skip lunch and just have afternoon tea there!  We decided to go to Covent Garden for dinner, which turned out to be a big mistake on a Friday night!  Hundreds of people got off our train there and queued for the lifts to the street.  The alternative was 195 steps!  We had a look at the restaurants but they were very expensive so we decided to go back to the Italian restaurant on our street.  Then, we discovered that the metro station was closed!  Not sure if this was due to an incident, or because of overcrowding.  We walked to Leister Square Station which was also really crowded.  When we finally got back, we enjoyed the local restaurant.  After dinner we did our packing.

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