Day 27


Thurs 29 Dec  Forecast was 15˚ today, but was probably only 10˚.  The warmest part of the day often seems to be about 11am and then the wind gets up.  The days have all stayed fine; however, which is really good.  People keep telling us how lucky we are that the weather is so good!  We decided to see the things we missed yesterday, due to the amount of time spent lining up.  We walked through Green Park and discovered a new Australian and New Zealand war memorial which had the names of all of the towns from which the soldiers had come, and all of the names of the places they fought, engraved on it.


We arrived at Buckingham Palace just before the changing of the guard.  I’d forgotten about this, probably because I knew Buckingham Palace itself was not open.  There were thousands of people so we didn’t see much except right at the end when the band and soldiers went right past us to return to the barracks.


 We continued along the park where Chris fed bread to the ducks, pigeons and squirrels (and saw a full on vicious fight between a couple of geese) and then we had lunch.  We saw Downing St and Whitehall and walked to Charing Cross to get the train to Piccadilly to buy souvenirs before returning on a packed train at 3:45.  The last 2 days the streets have been very crowded with tourists – seems that between Christmas and New Year is a very busy time.


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