Day 26




 Wed 28 Dec  Back on the internet after informing ‘Modo’ the owner that it was off.  Today was forecast to be sunny and not too cold so we planned to do ‘outdoor’ things.  We arrived at the London Eye to find quite a long queue so we decided to walk across the bridge to Westminster Abbey – and found a long queue there as well.

After lining up for 30 min we made it inside – it was really crowded.  There was a good audio tour – something new – which pointed out some things it would have been easy to miss and gave some good history.  We were inside for nearly 2 hours.

By the time we finished it was 2pm and we went back across the bridge – very crowded, to McDonalds – also very crowded.  We had to site outside. People were standing in the downstairs eating area which sat 180.  There was a cold breeze which cooled the food down pretty quickly.


The queue to get on the Eye seemed much shorter so we lined up to buy tickets – for 30 min.  When we went outside to line up to get on, we discovered that the queue appeared shorter because they had actually made a second queue out of the way, because it was actually much longer than in the morning!  We waited 45 min.  Eventually we got on at 4:15 and the sun had set but it was still light – barely.  Within 15 min it was fairly dark.


We enjoyed the view and the lights but we were in a capsule with lots of noisy Italians.  Most of the tourists around today were Italian or Spanish – must be the Christmas to New Year break!  Last week we mostly encountered British tourists and not many of them.  This week we have also noticed many people getting off and on the train at Oxford St for the sales.

A boy was stabbed to death in the Foot Locker store this week.  We got back very cold at 5:30pm and then bought some things at Tesco, a block away.  The station was very busy with travellers with luggage.




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