Day 25


Tues 27 Dec  Set off a bit earlier than usual – 9:15, to go by tube and overland train 45 min to Hampton Court.  Had a nice morning tea in a modern cafe in the town when we arrived.  Spent 5 hours at the palace, following the audio tours, going through the maze and briefly through the gardens.  There were a number of actors as various court members and staff ‘going about their roles’!  We barely stopped for lunch and had late afternoon tea at 4:30 (in the dark) on the way back in the train (this is OK here); trains even have bins.  There was a lot to see and hear – the audio tour was full of optional additional information which we did not have time for.


                                                                                 Our internet (main source of entertainment and information) appears to have deserted us.  Not sure what the problem is.  I am awaiting an email with a phone number to ring to meet someone with the key at our apartment in Rome.

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