Day 21

Fri 23 Dec  Today was forecast 12˚ and sunny.  We headed for the London dungeon but had a bit of trouble finding it and some ‘salesmen’ form the nearby London Bridge Experience persuaded us (with a big discount) to go there instead.  It was voted UK’s scariest experience 3 years in a row.  It was VERY scary – I was prepared for the people jumping out at you and noises, but not the darkness with flashing lights.  The worst bit was where you had to push your way through a walkway where rubber ‘padding’ squeezed you from both sides – very claustrophobic.


We then walked along the south bank to the Tower Bridge, across it and to the station.  No sign of the sunny day forecast – the rest of the day was showery.


There were train delays and we arrived at Trafalgar Square at 1:30 pm and had lunch (till 2:30) at a New York Italian restaurant.  The meals were nice but Matthew’s and my pastas were pretty small.  Went to the 4 floor M & M store near Leicester Square.  Bought a few things but most were overpriced.  Arrived at Oxford St at 5pm intending to walk along and see the Christmas lights but it was raining so we just looked in one department store and went back.  Extra late trading hours tonight before Christmas.


There’s a tube drivers strike on Boxing Day so we have to try to decide what we can do within walking distance.  Many attractions will also be closed.  The whole public transport bus/train system stops on Christmas Day, so it will be interesting to see our noisy intersection quiet.  We read in the paper (2 daily free metro papers) that 4 cyclists have been killed on our corner.  At present there is a white bike decorated with flowers and a message about the latest victim.  Also a man was stabbed to death a few blocks away a few days ago.  The pubs are open really late and the drinkers spill out all over the street.

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