Day 20


Thurs 22 Dec Lovely weather today – perfectly clear sky.  The sun is so weak; however, that I haven’t worn my sunglasses the whole holiday – one less thing to carry around.  Spent most of the day at the Tower of London.  They had added some media displays to tell the story at several sites.  A lot of attractions I’ve been to before have added ‘technology’ to their displays.  There was also a travelator past the Crown Jewels on both sides, to keep people moving.  This was a good idea as some people don’t have much awareness of others – they stand right in front of displays and signs so no-one else can see.


Matthew and Chris went ice skating next to the Tower (in the former moat).  When we arrived at 10:30 am that session only had about 20 people, so we booked the least full one later in the day (2:45) but clearly a lot more booked after us as it was pretty crowded.  Chris ended up a bit wet, so it was good that ice skating was at the end of the day.


After that we walked along the river to ‘The Monument’ to the great fire and then returned on the train.  Went to one of the local McDonalds and then looked around the St Pancras Shops.

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