Day 19


Wed 21 Dec  Last night seemed quieter as far as traffic and sirens go.  Not looking forward to the Christmas Eve activity.  Most attractions open at 10 am so we aim to sleep in and then go out after morning tea.  Today was quite a bit warmer – no hats, gloves or scarves – even OK to have the outer jacket off on the way to and from the station.  Did rain a bit though, so spent most of the day at the Science Centre.  The highlight was a 20 min ‘explosions’ show/demo, which was also very funny.  Had some nice wraps/baguettes for lunch, but we’re getting a bit tired of cold lunches for around £25.  Where’s the soup? Hot chips?  No nearby takeaways either – in the ‘posh’ part of town near the Albert Hall.

Briefly went to the Victoria and Albert museum with a very impressive collection of old jewellery.  Had a bit of trouble getting onto the train for the return journey because of a man standing in the doorway – had to ask him to move down the aisle.  Booked our train tickets to Gatwick Airport – only £18 altogether, direct from St Pancras, which is next to Kings Cross.  The internet suggested tube to Victoria and then Gatwick Express for £17 each!  After much searching I discovered this one.

Bought some groceries and precooked Mexican meals (not frozen) which were really nice.  Tesco has a lot of precooked fresh and frozen meals for around £2.50 – £3.00 also fruit salads and individual desserts.  No need to cook – just heat, probably good for tiny studio kitchens with bar fridges and no room for cooking utensils (like ours).  We have had a different nationality for dinner each night so far.

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