Day 4


Tues 6 Dec  Awake nice and early again.  We each thought of extra layers of clothing to put on and today turned out to be just as cold as yesterday.  We left for the bus a bit later than the previous day and only waited a couple of minutes – clearly, the day before, the first scheduled bus did not arrive.  We followed the remaining two routes today and only had a break for lunch at an Indian buffet.  It was good to sit in the warmth.


When we first changed to the second route, we sat on the bus going nowhere for about 15 min.  Then a second bus arrived and we were told to transfer to it.  We sat there for 10 more minutes before it finally left.  One of the routes today took us away from the centre and the traditional buildings.


 We ended the tours at 3 pm at the lower end of the Champs Elysees and walked along the Christmas markets.  We got a bit wet – especially Matthew, who, of course had no umbrella and wouldn’t put on his rain poncho.  At 3:30 pm it felt like 6 pm – so dark.  The sun is really low in the sky all day.  Now that we have toured all over the city we will get some Metro tickets tomorrow and start to visit the sites we want to, having seen them from the outside (some several times).

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