Day 3

Mon 5 Dec  All awake at 6 am.  The sun doesn’t rise until 8:30 – feels really strange – not starting to get light until 8.  A clear day – no rain as was forecast, but very cold (7˚) especially as we spent the day on the top of the open top bus.






We did 2 of the 4 routes and only got off at Monte Marte.

There was a really good audio commentary and this was a good way to see a wide area in one day, complete with lots of landmarks, including the Hotel de Invalides, The Louvre and Notre Dame.



We walked up to the Sacre Coeur for a great view of Paris.


The tour started at 10:20 and we got back to our stop at 4:45.  The traffic was quite slow.  By the time we finished it was freezing – we were all wearing more than we started with, having bought gloves, scarves and beanies for those who didn’t have them.  We all decided that the next day we would need to wear even more, as we are doing the second two but routes.

There were Christmas markets – white wooden buildings – set up either side of the Champ Elysees at the opposite end to the Arc de Triomphe.  We will need to go out at night to see the lights – will have to brave the cold.  All very tired.



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