Day 17


Mon 19 Dec  Rained today so we decided to spend the day at the British museum.  We walked there (30 min) and came back on the tube.  Saw the Rosetta stone (which Chris had been looking forward to, but he almost missed because he was more focused on finding a seat to sit on while we looked around), Cleopatra’s mummy and an Easter Island statue.  The Assyrian statues and artefacts from 2500 BC were impressive.  I got a reproduction 4th century BC Persian necklace.  The museum was free, as are most museums here. 

Matthew tried to withdraw £100 from the Barclays ATM but no money came out.  When we spoke to the lady in the bank she said it was the second time that morning (the bank had only been open 30 min).  I’m getting used to making dinner in the tiny kitchen – it’s not as bad as a caravan.


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