Day 13

Thurs 15 Dec  A fine, sunny day!  Still cold, but not bitterly!  Spent most of the day walking the rest of the wall and its surrounding ruins – Roman, Viking, Saxon, Norman and Medieval.


We had a lot of fun feeding nuts to squirrels, but mostly attracting pigeons, that for some reason, roost on you if you stretch out your arms.



Went through York Minster.  The crypt had good excavations which showed the previous Roman structure and Norman church on the site.







Came back at 5:30 and went out again at 7:30 to go on a Ghost Walk.  There were about 40 people.  The stories were all ghost stories with the historical facts about the people and places involved.  There was also quite a bit of comedy.  The river through the city has been flooded, but each day it has receded a bit.  The start of the walk was next to the river which had been underwater yesterday.

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