Day 12


Wed 14 Dec  Up at 8:30.  Barely made it through our enormous English breakfasts including blood pudding.  Lovely sunny day (but very cold); however, by the time we exited our first attraction at 12 pm it was completely cloudy and then there were patches of drizzle.  Walked along the top of part of the city wall (which surrounds the city) and went through the York Castle Museum – it was done as scenes and rooms through history, up to the 1960s and was very good.  Chris’s entry was free (often happens) which was just as well because he wore out half way and just sat in the one room for a while.  (He has the least amount of stamina).








Saw the castle remains at the top of the original mott (hill), but they were only open weekends in winter.  Went through the Jorvick Viking Museum along with a school excursion.  You sit in little ‘carriages’ which move around a track.  The ‘exhibits’ are multimedia village scenes.  By this time it was 2:30 and we were still not particularly hungry, but had coffee and muffins in a cafe just to sit out of the cold.  Michael and Matthew went to the York Dungeon while Chris and I walked 30 min each way to the train station to book our return seats.  By the time we got back to the dungeon it was completely dark at 4 pm!


Did some shopping – bought Chris 7 pairs of socks so he can wear 2 at a time.  Bought a necklace made from an 1890s penny with a figurine cut in it.  Found some tea 65 p and coffee 75 p in “The Shambles”.  Overall we are surprised at the low prices.  Had enormous Cornish pasties at a bakery – again cheap, and looked through some more shops but most had closed at 5pm.  We intended waiting around to go on a Ghost Tour at 7:30 but by 6pm, with most things closed, we decided to just go back and rest.  I have got used to walking all day and no longer get sore legs or feel tired – I do end up with a pretty cold face, however!  Each time we go inside a venue, it’s hats, gloves, scarves and coats off and then they go back on to go out.

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