Day 11


Tues 13 Dec  Returned our hire car to the Eurostar depot and caught our train at 11:30.  The wait was quite chilly as the building was not enclosed.  It was a 2 hour trip to London, mostly with countryside views.  The Chunnel only took 20 min.


Kings Cross station was very crowded with nowhere to sit while waiting to board.  We had to eat lunch (Burger King) standing up and had to walk 10 min there and back to the toilet as the nearest ones were closed.  Among the Christmas decorations was a huge Lego Christmas Tree.  The train was really long, but there were not many on it.  We moved out of our reserved seats and sat in two facing 4 seaters instead.  The coffees on the train were a proper size (French coffees are tiny) but horribly weak!  The 2 hour trip alternated between rain and sunny skies.


Arrived at sunset (3:30 pm) in York, which was very cold.  Fortunately a big taxi that could fit our luggage in arrived.  The driver seemed to know a lot about Australian Rugby League.  The fare was only £5.50 so we were happy to tip.  Our guest house family room was really nice – free wi fi again (no password – maybe we connected to the neighbours?) and fast speed unlike the previous two nights.  We decided to stay in and had soup, toast and cheese since it was so cold outside.  There is lots to do in York and don’t think we will get to do all we want.


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